Frog QRP1.8w Kit Ricetrasmettitore banda 40 metri 7.023 MHz

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Frog QRP1.8W Kit, CW Receiver Transmitter 7.023 MHz

Nel campo dei radioamatori, di solito non più di 5W è conosciuto come comunicazioni a bassa potenza, o comunicazione QRP. Il QRP è un importante ramo radioamatoriale. Molti appassionati di comunicazione QRP sono allo stesso tempo appassionati di apparecchiature QRP autocostruite.


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Suite welding need electronic technology basis, please bring your own multimeter and electric iron tool.
"Frog" original design from the United States NoCal QRP club's famous "Forty-9er"
The new "frogs" suite is the upgrade version of the shop and many customers a large number of experiments, the test after the launch, overall performance beyond "the various versions of the song" index, is the best version of the song suite, with the following characteristics:
1, this is the maximum power of frogs, the rated output power has increased to 1.8W (D882 output), at the same time suite power output using the American ring, so that the "Jungle" with the remote communication ability, enhance the "practical frogs"!
2, increase the side tone (SIDE TONE) circuit, so, you in operation "frogs" launch, headphones can also listen to the transmitted signal, side tone circuit model using audio sine wave generator, a lateral sound comfortable, the sense of hearing is better than common frogs using 74HC00 as a square wave generator effect.
3, modify the original design can not be "transmit-receive cofrequency", at present this kit launch the vibration frequency is fixed at 7.023MHz, when receiving the vibration frequency is 7.023-7.026MHz.
PCB size of 6cm 6cm.
The main index
Power supply: 12V
Receiving the static current: 20mA @ 12V
The emission current: 400mA @ 12V
Power: 1.8W @ 12V
Frequency range: launch the vibration 7.023MHz, receiving the vibration 7.023-7.026MHz
Mode of operation: CW
The circuit principle
The receiving part for a typical NE602 and LM386 direct conversion receiver. The high frequency electronic switch and the 8050 mute circuit used in the launch time completely close the receiving.
The emission part using the oscillating circuit NE602, and then to the 8050 buffer amplifier, 8050 as the transmitting keying, the final D882 is a class C amplifier, and then send the LPF antenna. When there is a lateral sound emission.
This suite is not welded, delivery is scattered electronic components, the store display of the finished picture, only
Purchase reference.
Frequently asked questions
Q: can be far?
A: the relevant factors of shortwave communication and communication environment, antenna, equipment, operation level, alone
Equipment is difficult to ensure that the specific distance. This shop all suite are classic models, a large number of domestic and foreign
People are already in use, the shop also has customer transmission performance is very good, the basic premise is the use of high performance
Good antenna!
Q: the telegraph can talk?
The A:CW transceiver can't talk, only supports SSB or FM modulation machine can
Speak, transceiver can only use the key and the earphone receiving message.
Q: key need to buy?
A: there are many Taobao sell, please purchase.



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