HRS Super RM Rock Mite Kit QRP, ricetrasmettitore banda 40 metri 7.023 MHz

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Super RM Rock Mite Kit QRP, ricetrasmettitore banda 40 metri 7.023 MHZ KIT fai da te

Nel campo dei radioamatori, di solito non più di 5W è conosciuto come comunicazioni a bassa potenza, o comunicazione QRP. Il QRP è un importante ramo radioamatoriale. Molti appassionati di comunicazione QRP sono allo stesso tempo appassionati di apparecchiature QRP autocostruite.


Brief introduction
"Super Octopus" (Super RM) was first proposed by the American SWL lab in 02 year, formerly known as "Rock Mite", has swept the United States of America, is a direct type
The representative of the receiver! Sales reached 6000 sets. In 2, 3 years ago in China, for localization by Chinese lovers, named "super octopus",
And the two published in the "radio" magazine, attracted the domestic and foreign HAM love.
The main index
Power supply: 12V-13.8V (recommended to use linear regulated power supply)
Antenna: 50 ohms, unbalanced
Power: 9V 6W, 12V 8W (using the 12V power, long time emission will decline slightly, the use of D882 output)
Frequency: the frequency of emission: 7023kHz; receiving the vibration frequency: 7023-7026KHz
Mode of operation: CW
The circuit principle
The receiving part of the core is a NE602, which consists of a balanced mixer, antenna in the signal after the two crystal filter, into the mix
The frequency converter, the oscillation circuit 9018 is formed at the same time out of the vibration signal, the two signal after mixing, directly to the SSB/CW signal converter for audio, NE602 output.
Frequency to NE5532 active low pass filter and audio amplifier, the idea of the receiving process. So the use of direct RF signal into audio connection
The receiver was called "DC receiver", DC means direct conversion.
Circuit mute circuit consists of a 2N7000 field effect tube for receiving the closed at launch time, at the same time, STC12C4052 internal timer audio oscillator
The side tone, output to the earphone, the earphone to follow. "Ticking" audio.
The emission part with 9018 oscillating circuit, and then to the 8050 buffer amplifier, 8050 as the transmitting keying, switching control transceiver circuit and signal, the last stage is
Class C amplifier is composed of D882, after amplification by 1:4 output transformer for high frequency signal after matching after LPF filter antenna.
Component selection
9018 of the magnification chosen about 130, D882 amplification is about 200. T1 1:4 is a transmission line transformer, the ferrite core FT37-43
(American) using 0.51 mm enameled wire double hinge line and circle around the 6 (see below), and then a coil and a tail connection.
T2 is a high-frequency transformer, the ferrite core FT37-43 (American) with 0.51 mm of enameled wire for winding, primary 8 ring, 2 ring for triode (secondary
Simulation of tube characteristics consistent almost, such as is found in the experiment that the output power can be weaker, turns to 9:3). L1, L2 is a high-frequency filter inductor, in T37-2 iron
Powder core (American) using 0.51 mm enameled wire around 16 laps, about 25cm, inductance at about 1uH. All less than 1000pF for high-frequency ceramic capacitor
The capacitance is greater than 1uF, the aluminum electrolytic capacitor, all resistance for 1/4W 5% fixed resistor.
Q: communication distance can be far?
A: shortwave communication distance depends largely on the antenna selection, and the use of small power station must choose good weather conditions, many expert use of these paragraphs by
Classical radio has hundreds of kilometers of associated performance. Radio component of this shop are through the detection apparatus, device purchase volume so can guarantee authentic, key devices will
After sampling, the output power of a good. So we can say, as long as the antenna resonance your good, there will be a good communication distance.
Q: beginners should start from where?
A: the first step: the correct welding welding finished,
The second step: to listen to, is also can understand others launch code,
The third step: the practice of generating code technology own,
The fourth step: make the antenna, the best conditions to buy two sets of spontaneous self test,
The fifth step: and the rest of the world.
Q: the telegraph can talk?
The A:CW transceiver can't talk, only supports SSB or FM modulation machine can intercom, transceiver can only use the key and the earphone receiving message
Q: suite of difficult assembly?
A: a necessary premise is can recognize device, welding, induction machine without debugging, as long as careful according to kit instructions assembly can be successful. If the new welding.
The construction of the first error, not to handle, please contact customer service, can obtain the corresponding technical guidance.
Q: the use of antenna what kind?
A: this shop will provide a few simple antenna tutorial.
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