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4D Systems Scheda di sviluppo uLCD-32PTU-AR

Codice: 1307461
Condizione: Nuovo
Marca: 4D Systems


The uLCD-32PTU-AR is an Arduino Display Module Pack, which includes a uLCD-32PTU 3.2" LCD Display with Resistive Touch, a 4D Arduino Adaptor Shield and 5 way interface cable. The uLCD-32PTU-AR customises the uLCD-32PTU Display specifically for interfacing with the Arduino, to provide a quick and easy interface without any wiring hassles. The Arduino Display Module Pack enables an Arduino user to quickly connect the 4D Arduino Adaptor Shield to their Arduino, connect the 5 way cable between the Adaptor and the Display Module, and be connected in seconds to start programming their new 4D Systems Display.

Altezza: 16.1 mm · KIT di sviluppo: Scheda di sviluppo · Larghezza: 44.9 mm · Lunghezza - Profondità: 62.4 mm · Tipo di scheda: Kit di sviluppo

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